The most dominos stacked on a  is 1,055.
The whole thing measured 36.7 cm high x 19.2 cm wide.

It remained free-standing for 1 hour, 26 minutes and 12 seconds.

The feat would never have been achieved if the single, solitary domino at the base wasn’t positioned correctly.

If your brand’s foundations aren’t solid, everything that follows is compromised.

You may be at that crucial point where you need help breathing life into your brand so that it matches your vision for it and speaks the language of your target.

Maybe you have all the elements correctly in place and need your brand professionally rolled out into the market place. Or perhaps you’re now having second thoughts and would like an independent, second opinion.

Whether it’s brand creation, assessment or roll out, we’ll lay the right platform for you so that everything that happens next, happens right.


A consultancy of 4 continuously operating for over 30 years

Over 16,000 jobs completed for over 250 individual clients


Over the last 30 years we’ve worked with many different clients from a wide array of industries.


Australian Broadcasting Corporation
ACO (Australian Chamber Orchestra)
British Broadcasting Corporation
Pinchgut Opera


Central Sydney Area Health
Medicraft Hill-Rom
Verve Symposium


Australian Steel Institute
Autism Spectrum Australia
The Fred Hollows Foundation
Mission Australia
Scouts Australia
The Smith Family


Australian Catholic University
Charles Sturt University


Kelly Services
Sportspeople Recruitment


Accountants Superannuation Fund
Guy Carpenter


Evans & Peck
Transport for NSW
Energy Australia
Willoughby City Council


Japan Airlines
MP Travel


White Lady Funerals
Office National


Everyone seems to make the same kind of promises – big picture statements that all sound the same.

In our portfolio, you’ll see a lot of long-term relationships. We like to think that’s because we do our best to ensure that our clients experience a productive, creative and efficient collaboration. So, how does this play out for you?

1. We want to know your business.
More specifically, we want to identify the ‘greatness’ within your business. Don’t be put off by that word. It doesn’t need to mean ‘big’ or ‘grandiose’. It’s about unearthing what’s special about what you do and the best way to present this to your customers. It’s usually hidden behind all the obvious things that you may not believe to be all that important. Being too close to something can distort your perspective and that’s why a fresh set of eyes and ears can be so illuminating.

2. Getting there first has a lot going for it
The reality of why many of our clients choose to work with us is because we deliver quickly and accurately. We do so because we’ve been doing what we do for a long time. Depth of experience and expertise teaches you which corners you can cut and the ones that must never be tampered with.

3. Be prepared to be challenged
Key to our approach is a healthy scepticism. We don’t accept things at face value. So, if we’re working on something for you that doesn’t make sense to us, we’ll speak up, but always with your best interests as the focus. You see, we hate making mistakes, so everything we do is checked thoroughly before we send it back to you.

4. No egos
We’re not precious and are equally at home executing collateral to tightly prescribed existing guidelines or generating ideas and designs from a blank canvass.

So that’s a little of the ‘small picture stuff about us. If you have a specific question; want some clarification on something we haven’t covered, or even if you’re after a bit of general advice, we'd love to hear from you.


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